Create a New Report

You can create a report that includes either Assessments or Questionnaires.

  1. In the Certitude menu, click Reports.
  2. Click Create New Report.
  3. Select either Assessment or Questionnaire from the drop down.
  4. On the Details tab, complete the following fields:
    • Report Title: enter a meaningful title such as "Workplace Harassment Assessments - 2019."
    • Completion Date Range: The From date is the beginning date for the report and indicates how far back you want the report to search for completed assets. The To date is the end date for the report. For example, if your From date is 2019-01-01 and your To date is 2019-12-31, then your report includes all assets completed during the year 2019.
    • Output Type: Select Web Browser to display the results in a web browser. Select CSV to create a csv file you can print.
  5. Note: You can save the report at anytime after you enter a title.
  6. Click the Users tab.
  7. Accept the All users default, or to select specific users:
    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Select Users to Include in Report dialog, use the Type to filter list field to narrow the list of users. See About Search for more information.
    3. After selecting your users, click Close.

      You can remove a user from the Users Included in Report list by clicking the Remove from Report icon.

  8. Click Save to add the report to Saved Reports on the Reports main page.

To see your report results

  1. Click run report button, grey square with white arrow pointing to top right corner Run Report.
  2. Optionally, if you've saved the report, click run report button, white square with grey arrow pointing to top right corner Run Report next to the report in the Saved Reports list on the Reports page.

    Web report results open in a new tab within Certitude.

    CSV report results appear on the Reports main page under Downloadable Reports.

    1. Click download button, white square with grey arrow pointing down to a tray Download to open the CSV report results.