The Certitude Home Page

The Certitude Home page provides options for managing your published and unpublished (draft) questionnaires and assessments, adding users, creating reports, and reviewing completed questionnaires and assessments.

Note: Users with the role of Administrator only will not have access to Reviewer. Users with the role of Reviewer only will not have access to Questionnaires or Users.
  1. Use the menu at the top to access the following Certitude features:
  2. Questionnaires: return to the Certitude Home page.

    Reports: Create reports to monitor learners' progress and completions.

    users button, black square with white silhouette of people Users: Manage and add administrators and reviewers.

    Review: Review and comment on completed questionnaires. (not available for assessments)

    See the user name you used to log into the site, or Log Out.

  3. Create new questionnaires and assessments.
  4. Search for existing questionnaires and assessments by name. See About Search for more information.
  5. In the Name column:
    • Assessments are indicated by the Assessment icon.
    • Questionnaires are indicated by the Questionnaires icon.
    • Sort the list alphabetically by ascending or descending order.
    • Questionnaires and assessments with translated copies are grouped under a single heading. Click the Show translations drop down to the left of the name to see all copies. The Show all translations drop down in the column header expands the entire list.
  6. In the Language column:
    • See the language of the questionnaire or assessment.
    • A yellow star indicates the default language.
    • Click Make Default Language to change which language is the default for that questionnaire or assessment.
  7. In the Status column:
    • A green check mark indicates the questionnaire or assessment is published. Hover over the check mark to see the version number.
    • A grey check mark indicates the questionnaire or assessment is still in draft form and not published.
    • If a green and a grey check mark are present, both a published version and a draft version exist.
  8. Use the following tools to manage each questionnaire or assessment:
    • Edit - edit an unpublished (draft) questionnaire or assessment. Or edit a published questionnaire or assessment to create a new version.
    • more options button, white elipse More Options - the More Options menu includes the following choices:
      • Copy - copy the existing questionnaire or assessment.
      • Create Translation - create a copy of the questionnaire or assessment in order to offer it in a different language. See About Translations for more information.
      • Note: Creating a translation does not actually translate the questionnaire or assessment into the selected language. You must make arrangements to translate the version before publishing.
      • Delete Latest Draft - you can delete an unpublished draft.
      • Download AICC Files - Download the AICC files in order to import them into your LMS.
      • Inactivate - Inactive questionnaires or assessments are removed from the Certitude Home page and cannot be edited, viewed, or assigned. However, they are still available for reporting. If you inactivate a questionnaire or assessment that is already assigned in your LMS, you should inactivate it in the LMS. If a learner attempts to launch an asset that's inactive in Certitude but not in the LMS, a message warns the learner that the course is no longer available.
    • The More Options menu for a group of questionnaires or assessments includes the option to:
      • Copy Group - make a copy of each translated version.
      • Inactivate Group - makes the entire group inactive.