Assign Audience Completions

Completions cannot be granted for Skillsoft or Custom AICC/SCORM courses (web-based training (WBT)). You can only assign completions for External Learning assets (non-Web-Based Training) that you created through the option on the library page.

If a Learning Program contains External learning assets (non-WBT), you can assign completions for those individual assets but not the Learning Program itself.

The only type of External Learning that can be marked as completed by a learner would be the Link type. If an HTML link has been assigned and the Completion dialogue box has been enabled, the user will get a completion for that non-WBT requirement by accepting the confirmation upon closing the HTML link.

  1. Click Audiences > Assign Completions.
  2. Select a course from the Course drop-down.

    All users assigned that course, who have not completed the course, are immediately listed.

    Optionally, you can filter the group of users listed by clicking Select Demographic Filters.

  3. Click the drop-down for the demographic and select the desired value.

    Optionally, narrow the list of users displayed by selecting additional values from one or more demographic attributes.

    Note: Users must be assigned all selected demographic values in order to show in the filtered list.

    All users that meet the criteria for that demographic attribute are listed.

    If you expect to see a filter but don't, someone may have excluded it from the list of filters that display because it contained too many values. When a demographic attribute has too many values, the page may not load. To include it:

    1. Go to Audiences then Attributes.
    2. Locate the attribute in the list, unselect the check box in the Exclude from filters list column.
    3. Select Update. The unchecked attribute displays on all pages where you can filter by demographic attribute.
  4. Click Select.

  5. The list of users updates to include only users who meet the filter criteria, and have an open requirement with a status of incomplete for this course.

  6. In the Date Completed field, enter the date you want to record as the completion date for this course.
  7. Optionally, enter a Comment.

  8. In the list of users, select the check box next to the name of individual users, or select the check box at the top of the list to select all users.
  9. Optionally, enter a Score for each user.

  10. Click Save Changes.