Assign Individual Exemptions and Equivalencies

For users with assigned courses that are incomplete, you can exempt the user from the course requirement, or you can assign an equivalency for the course.

Assigned courses with an exemption or equivalency are removed from the learner's Percipio Compliance page and added to the learner's history.

Learners cannot relaunch courses with an equivalency.

Note: In order to assign an exemption or equivalency, users with your level of security must be granted read and change access to the Exemptions and Equivalencies features.

About Exemptions

An exemption is similar to waiving the course so the learner is no longer required to take it.

You must assign an expiration date to an exemption. Upon expiration, the system re-calculates the assignment due dates as if the learner just received the assignment. The system automatically looks for a valid completion for the assignment. If there is a previous completion that is considered a valid completion, the system uses that to apply the Retraining Assignment Type setting and calculates the new due date. If the previous completion is no longer considered valid, the system applies the Initial Training setting to calculate the new due date.

If you grant an exemption on a one-time-only (OTO) assignment that expires after the due date of that assignment, the learner never sees the course as being due even after the exemption expires.

If you want the exemption to never expire, you can enter a date far into the future, such as 12/31/2098.

About Equivalencies

An equivalency gives the learner credit for the course and is typically used if the learner took a similar course in the past, or has previous experience in the course material.

An Equivalency automatically expires on the assignment due date. Upon expiration, the course assignment reappears on the learner’s Percipio Compliance page with a new due date equal to the previous due date + the “valid-for” period (RCD) or the calendar-based due date (RDD).

If the course assignment is defined as one-time-only training, the equivalency never expires.

Assign an exemption or equivalency

  1. Select Users > Exemptions and Equivalencies.
  2. Search for the user(s).

    Optionally, click Get All Users to return all users included in the audiences you own.

    To search for users by name:

    1. In the Search for user by field, type the first letter(s) of the last name.

      Optionally, use the drop-down menu to search by Last Name, or User ID.

      If desired, filter the users by the Status Active, All or Inactive.

    2. Click Find.

      The users are listed under Step 3.

    To search for user by demographic attribute:

    1. Click Search For User By Demographic.

      You may need to reselect the administrative function.

    2. Select a value from a demographic drop-down list.

      Optionally, narrow the list of users displayed by selecting additional values from one or more demographic attributes.

      Note: Users must be assigned all selected demographic values in order to show in the filtered list.

      All users that meet the criteria for that demographic attribute are listed.

      If you expect to see a filter but don't, someone may have excluded it from the list of filters that display because it contained too many values. When a demographic attribute has too many values, the page may not load. To include it:

      1. Go to Audiences then Attributes.
      2. Locate the attribute in the list, unselect the check box in the Exclude from filters list column.
      3. Select Update. The unchecked attribute displays on all pages where you can filter by demographic attribute.

  3. Click the name of the desired user from the list of results.
  4. All courses assigned to this user display.

  5. For all courses you want to grant an equivalency or exemption
    1. Click either the Exemption or Equivalency option.
    2. For an equivalency, enter the Granted date.
    3. For an exemption, enter a date for when the exemption Expires, and when the exemption was Granted.
  6. Optionally, add a Justification for either type to explain why the learner is entitled to the exemption or equivalency. Max character limit is 200.

  7. Click Save Changes.

Modify or delete an exemption or equivalency

You can modify an exemption or equivalency by changing the dates or the justification.

You can delete an exemption or equivalency for an active and current assignment by deselecting the option and saving the changes.

You cannot delete an exemption or equivalency for an assignment under the following circumstances:

  • The assignment is removed and no longer an active assignment for the learner.
  • The assignment has entered recurrence and the equivalency or exemption is for the previous assignment.

Once the exemption or equivalency is deleted, the assignment reappears on the learner's Percipio Compliance page with it's original due date.