About Users

Compliance users are created in Percipio and available in the Compliance Administrator after the user logs into the system, or after data sync happens. Once users are available in Compliance, you can perform individual user-specific administrative functions such as assigning content, exemptions, or equivalencies, assigning completions, or running reports. See User Management in the Percipio Knowledge Base for more information.

To manage users in Compliance, select Users then User Information in the menu bar or User card drop down.

User Status

A user's status is either Active or Inactive.

  • Active users can log on to the Percipio platform to access learning content. Active users with Compliance admin privileges can log on to Compliance Administrator.
  • Inactive users cannot log on to Percipio or Compliance Administrator. However, historical activity for inactive users is retained. If the user is changed back to an active status, they will inherit the current learning plan assignments of associated Audiences, as well as previously assigned individual assignments .
Note: Many of the same functions can be accessed from more than one place in the Admin interface. For example, to assign content to an individual user, you can search for that user under Users then User Information and select Assign Individual Learning Plan Assignments from the administrative function drop down. Or, you can select Users then Learning Plan Assignments and search for the user on the Assign Individual Learning Plan Assignments page.