Content Configuration

The Content Configuration feature provides a self-service option for adding non-instructional information to Skillsoft original courses that play in the Compliance course player. Easily add a text message, videos, or policy documents to a course without changing the original structure of the course, or the course number. Each course can have multiple configurations to serve different audiences and use cases.

After a course is configured, you can publish it directly from the Content Configuration page. Learners have instant access to the information you add.

Note: Only courses in your Legal Compliance or Health and Safety libraries are configurable.

Access Content Configuration

Access the Content Configuration feature from the Percipio Compliance menu.

  1. Select Content then Content Configuration. The Skillsoft Compliance Course Library page opens.
  2. Locate the course in the list.
    • If the course is marked with Retired, follow these steps to configure it.
    • If the course is not marked as Retired, follow these steps to configure it.
  3. From the More Actions option, choose Edit to add one configuration or Add Configuration to add multiple configurations.
Note: Your security level and the level assigned to the Content Configuration feature may effect your ability to access the tool. See Security Setup for more information.

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