Before You Select Content for Your Catalog

When choosing which content you want to deploy to your system's catalog, it is helpful to know your content management strategy. Percipio allows you to choose exactly the content you need for your catalog by creating a set of rules. Each rule is an instruction to either include or exclude content. All rules you create exist in a Content rule set. The Content rule set acts like a computer program that when executed selects the exact content to export or deploy to your system. Review the best practices and scenarios to understand how best to create your rules to include just the content you want.

Note: Review Content Types Supported for Content Integration Customers to see which content types can be launched and tracked in your LMS.

How the Rules Work - Best Practices

When adding a rule to your Content rule set, consider the following:

  • You first define the selection type for the rule. You can either start with all content selected and remove content, or start with no content selected and add content.
  • A Content rule set can contain multiple rules.
  • If one rule excludes content, and another rule includes that content, the content is always included.
  • Use multiple rules to achieve the exact selection of content for your customized catalog.
  • When exporting or deploying content, the selection process always uses the Content rule set of all active rules.
  • If your export file is AICC, review Content Types Supported for Content Integration Customers to see which content types are supported.
  • If you are using connectors or FTP, notify your Skillsoft Application Engineer to add the Content rule set you created.
  • Once a rule is active, it will run as part of the Content rule set. To prevent a rule from running, delete it.the courses in that rule will be sent over to the LMS in the next content sync.
  • Each rule needs a name before you can save it.
  • If you are not ready to export or deploy the content associated with a rule, save the rule as a draft. You can review and add a rule at any time.
  • You can edit a rule at any time. If you edit an active rule, you cannot save it in a draft state. If you edit a draft rule, you can save it back as a draft.
  • You can remove or delete a rule at any time.
  • Any changes you make to a rule or the Content rule set impact the content in the next export or deployment.

Rule Configuration Scenarios

The following scenarios show how you would configure content selection rules given different business situations.