Audience Owner Emails

When owners are added to or removed from an individual or team audience, Percipio sends an email notifying them of their ownership status change. You can turn off this notification.

Disable Audience Owner emails

For both individual and team audiences, these emails are on by default. To turn off all audience owner email notifications:

  1. From Settings, select Site Configuration, then Site Features.
  2. Within the Feature Settings section, click to turn off the Allow Percipio to send emails to audience owners when they have been made an owner of an audience setting.
  3. Click Save changes.

Turning the Feature Settings off disables the setting, Send an email to audience owner(s) when their audience is created, in the team automation rule.

Keeping the Feature Settings on allows you to choose for each team automation rule whether audience owners receive notification when added or removed from an audience.

The Audience Owner email

The Audience Owner email includes the name of the audience, information about whether an owner has been added or removed, plus a link to see all audiences for the owner.

Audience owner message   Audience owner message