Team Automation

Team automation automatically creates multiple audiences (called team audiences) using a set of rules based solely on user attribute values.

When Percipio detects a change within the rule data, it creates new team audiences for you during the daily job run. These run every day at 7:00 p.m. ET from the US data center and 4:15 a.m. UTC from the EU data center. If a new attribute is added after the daily run (either manually or as the result of a scheduled data feed), then audiences with that attribute are not created until the following day's job run.

Team automation simplifies the process of creating multiple audiences and assigning audience owners in Percipio. Use team audiences to:

  • automatically assign team owners (Learning Admins and Managers) to your learners.
    • When you select to define an audience using the Percipio User Attribute type, each audience is owned by the user defined in the Percipio user attribute. You can also add other users to be owners for all audiences created by the rule. For example, if you want all your managers to own the audience with their direct reports and also have an HR representative to see all of those audiences, define a team automation rule using the Percipio User Attribute type that has the manager name as values in it, and then add the HR representative to the rule definition.
    • If you use the Percipio list type to define the audience, you can specify at least one user to be the owner of all audiences created. This selection does not allow each audience to have a different owner unless you assign the owner manually after the audience has been created.
  • filter reports
  • create assignments
Note: To create a single audience that does not automatically update, see Individual Audiences.

Frequently asked questions about team automation