Create a New Audience

An audience is a subset of your user population that you define.

You can create two types of audiences:

For administrators of Percipio compliance, please note the following:

Create individual audiences

Only site admins can create individual audiences. To create an individual audience:

  1. From the Admin menu, select USERS > Audience Management.
  2. Select Create Audience. The Create Audience page displays where you can:
  3. Select Create audience.

Create child audiences

Both site admins and learning admins who have the Manage child audiences as an administrator permission enabled and who are designated as audiences administrators can create child audiences. To create a child audience:

  1. From the Admin menu, select USERS > Audience Management.
  2. Locate the audience in the list under which you want the child audience to reside.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Create child audience. The Create Audience page displays where you can:
  4. Select Create audience.

Specify audience information

When you create an individual or child audience, you must enter information about the audience including:

Field nameDescription
Audience detailsThis required field is the name of the audience. We recommend defining a naming convention so all site admins viewing the list of audiences understand the list.
Manage audience access

This is an optional field.

  1. Select the type of access: Audience administrator or Audience owner.
  2. Start typing the name of the user to be the audience administrator or owner. You can select more than one.
  3. Select Save.
Define your audience

Define who is to be in your audience. If you are a site admin creating an individual audience, you can define your audience by specifying user attributes, adding individual users individually or in bulk, or a combination of both methods.

If you are creating a child audience, you can only define an audience by specifying user attributes.

Content association

Optionally, select the custom channels you want to associate with this audience.

Associating a custom channel to an audience entitles the users within the audience to the content. If you remove a user from the audience, they lose access to the channel's content (if they do not have access to the specific content from any other audience associations). Adding users to the audience automatically entitles them to the content.

  1. In the Content association section, select Associate custom channels.
  2. Either browse the list or enter a search term to locate the custom channel you want to associate to your audience.
  3. Select for each custom channel you wish to associate to your audience.
  4. Select Associate to audience.

Note about assignments: If a user is removed from an associated audience and content within the custom channel is included in one or more of their assignments, the assignment remains on the Assignments page only if it is in an In Progress or Completed status, or if it contains content entitled to them via another audience association. Any content within the assignment that they are no longer entitled to displays as unavailable, and the assignment cannot be completed.
Important information about associating custom channels with an audience
  • Associating a custom channel with an audience entitles the users within that audience to the channel's content.
  • Adding users to the associated audience at any time entitles them to the channel's content.
  • If users do not have access to the content within the custom channel via any other audience association, and you remove users from the custom channel audience, the users immediately lose entitlement and can no longer view the content.