License Distribution

To make content available to your learners:

  1. Add the learner to an audience.
  2. Associate that audience to a license pool by creating a license distribution.

Managing license distribution

You can associate one or more audiences to one license pool. For every association, you create a new license distribution. Sometimes, a learner appears in more than one audience; this can impact how licenses are consumed:

  • If a user is in two audiences associated with a single license pool, they only consume one license.
  • If a user is in multiple audiences associated with two or more licenses pools with overlapping content, they consume a license in each license pool. This rule applies even if the content of a particular license pool is a subset of content that appears in the other license pool.
  • If a user is made inactive after signing into Percipio and consuming a license, they continue to count as a consumed license until the anniversary date of the license pool. However, they cannot access Percipio.
  • If active users are removed from an audience after consuming a license, they can continue to access that content as long as they have access to Percipio (not deactivated), or until the license expires.
Note: If you plan to use Percipio for custom content only, your learners still require access to at least one Skillsoft license pool before they can see your custom content.

License Distribution List

The License Distribution List displays details about your audiences and all license pool assignments.

  • New License Distribution: Click to create a license distribution.
  • AUDIENCE: An audience is a subset of your user population that you define.
  • LICENSE POOL: A collection of content, purchased by your organization, that includes learning assets such as courses, videos, books, audiobooks, journeys, and more. Hover your pointer over the Language icon to view your organization's available content languages.
  • CREATED BY: The User ID of the person who created the audience association.
  • START DATE: The day the content in your license pools is available for consumption.
  • ROLLOVER DATE: The day the current license pool expires and a new one is activated. The new license pool is a duplicate of the existing one and inherits all audience associations. Any consumed licenses are released at this time.
  • CONTRACT END DATE: The day the content in your license pools is no longer available for consumption. You cannot see a license pool in the list once it reaches its end date. See more on contract end date and license pool renewal.
  • STATUS: An audience association is either active or archived. An active association is current and means the content within the selected license pool is available to users. An archived association is not actively assigning content. When an audience association is archived, users lose the ability to access that content unless they have already consumed a license in it.
  • ACTIONS: Click > Archive icon, a blue folder with an arrow pointing down to archive an audience association.