Percipio User Attribute

Use the Percipio User attribute to represent the relationship between two or more Percipio user IDs that you want validated against the database (for example the relationship between a manager and his employees, a supervisor and her employees, an HR partner and an employee, or a mentor and his mentees).

This attribute can be used in team automation rules to automatically create and maintain audiences. When you create audiences using the Percipio User attribute type, Percipio assigns these audiences the Percipio user listed in this attribute as the owner of the audience.

Using a Percipio User attribute (example)

You want to create audiences of users who report to each of your company's three managers:
  • Keira Adler, whose Percipio user ID is k_adler,
  • Jane Doe, whose Percipio user ID is j_doe, and
  • Pat Smith, whose Percipio user ID is p_smith.

In this example, you want to update all of the users in your company, so using the Bulk Import feature is the most efficient way to update.

To do this:

  1. Create a Percipio User attribute and name it manager.
  2. Download a CSV file of your current users.
  3. For each learner, in the manager column, enter the User ID of the user's manager (k_adler, j_doe, or p_smith).
  4. Each entry becomes a value of the manager attribute. This ensures Percipio validates the user ID of your learners against the user ID of the specified managers.
  5. Save and import your CSV file to Percipio.
  6. Create a new audience.
  7. Click Add user attributes.
  8. In the Attribute drop-down, select manager.
  9. In the Attribute values drop-down, select k_adler to create the audience for Keira Adler, which contains only those learners associated with her Percipio user ID.
  10. Click Done. The audience is created and contains only those learners who report to Keira Adler.
  11. Repeat steps 5-9 for the other two managers to create their specific audiences.
  12. Now, if anything changes with any of the users, (such as change job roles, become inactive within Percipio, or leave the company), you can update their value from k_adler to another manager’s user ID to easily update the audiences.