Edit a Banner Promotion

You can have up to five banners display via a carousel at the top of your learners' home page.

To edit a content banner promotion

    From the Admin menu, select LEARNING > Content Promotions. The Content Promotions page displays with the CONTENT STRIPS tab open by default.
  1. Select the CONTENT BANNER tab. The Content Banner list displays.
  2. Select the title of the promotion you wish to edit.
  3. Modify the promotion. You can change any of the details, content, customizations, and audiences.

    If you are using a custom content item and decide to change its image, the banner is not automatically updated with the new image. For learners to see the new image, you must either remove the item from the promotion and re-add it, or create a new promotion all together.

  4. Select Update promotion.
Note: If your modified promotion is live, after you select Update Promotion, refresh your Percipio home page to see your changes.

To change the order of your banner promotion carousel display, see Reorder your Banner Promotions.