Assign a Date Attribute

Values for this attribute are automatically populated based on data entered within user profiles (via the Create New User page, the Edit User page, or the Import User page).

To assign a Date attribute to an individual user

To assign a Date attribute to multiple users

  • Examples of acceptable formats for the bulk import CSV file include:
    • 2019-10-31 (this is preferred format)
    • 2019-10-31T12:34:78.678Z
    • Thurs, 31 Oct 2019 00:18:56 +0000
    • Thurs, 31 Oct 2019
    • 31 Oct 2019

    Once you've assigned the Date attribute, return to the User Attributes list (USERS > User Attributes) and locate it in the list. It now displays the number of values assigned to the attribute, and when you click that number, a list of all values for that Date attribute display.