Create a New User

You can create and manage user accounts in Percipio using several approaches. Any combination of approaches can be used together to accurately maintain your Percipio user population. To decide which approach is right for your organization, see Get Started with Users.

The user login experience depends on the options you choose. See User Login Experience for details.

To create an individual user

  1. From the Admin menu, click USERS > User Management. The User Management page displays.
  2. Click New User. The New User page displays.
  3. Enter the User details.
  4. Select Require this user to change their password during first-time log in to force the user to change his password when he signs into Percipio for the first time. Entering a value in the Password field automatically selects this feature.
  5. Note: If your users are accessing Percipio directly with their Percipio login name, and you are sending a welcome email, we recommend selecting this option. If you specify a password and send a welcome email without selecting the option to require password reset, the user will not know their password for subsequent logins.

    Once the user changes his password, this feature automatically turns off and the check box clears.

  6. Optionally, select Assign Live Course instructor privileges if this user is a Live Course instructor and needs to manage the roster for classes they teach.
  7. If turned by your Skillsoft Coaching CSM, you can view but not edit the setting for Show a link in the user's profile menu that opens their Skillsoft Coaching account. This setting is configured by your Skillsoft Coaching CSM if this user needs access their Skillsoft Coaching account from their My Profile menu. You can only view the configuration. If you need to change it for a user, please contact your Skillsoft Coaching CSM.
  8. Optionally, select Send Welcome email, and enter the date and time you want to send the initial Welcome email.
    Note: The date and time are based on your local system settings, not the email recipients' settings.
    • The learner must have a status of active and a valid email address included in the profile to receive the Welcome email.
    • If you scheduled a single Welcome email to be sent while uploading users, you can cancel the email by clearing the option prior to the scheduled send date.
    • Compliance only customers can send Welcome Emails from Percipio Compliance. See Configure Email Notifications for more information.
  9. Select or enter values for user attributes. If you have an attribute that supports multiple values, you can specify as many values as you need for each user; there is no limit.
    User role note: If you have a user role of learning admin or manager with the permission to create new users, Percipio recommends that you choose user attribute values that assign the user to an audience you own. Click View Audiences to see audience selection criteria. If you create a user that is not in an audience you own, you cannot see the user in the user list.
  10. Click Create.
  11. The user profile is available in Percipio after the nightly sync, or after the user logs into the system, whichever comes first.