Role Advisor

Acting as a virtual, skill-building concierge, Role Advisor provides learners with:

  • Quick references to trending content for their role.
  • Learning recommendations grouped by content type such as courses, books, audiobooks, and labs.
  • Top skills related to their role with content recommendations for obtaining those skills.
  • An array of skill benchmarks that they can use to identify and close skill gaps.

Get started

To access the Role Advisor:

  1. Before you can access Role Advisor, you must specify your job role. You can specify your job role in one of the following ways:

    • Your admin does it for you when they set up your user account. You cannot modify your role if your admin sets it up for you.
    • During your first login experience, you may be prompted to enter your job role. Start typing and then select a job role from the list.
    • From the home page, under the My Learning section, from the Role tab, choose Select a role. Start typing and then select a job role from the list.

    • From your profile menu, select Role. The Role and Skill Ratings page displays. Choose Select a role. Start typing and then select a job role from the list.
      Note: If you selected your role, you can change it any time. If your admin specifies your role, you cannot change it.
  2. With your role selected, from the My Learning section of the home page, from the Role tab, you can access the Role Advisor by selecting Show me how.

How to use the Role Advisor

When you access the Role Advisor, you see content that applies directly to skills needed for your role.

Note: Currently, the Role advisor is only available for English US language users.

The Role Advisor guides you in four distinct areas:

  • Trending this week: View a short video inline on a selected topic important to your role. To continue with the full course, select the Continue this course link. The topic changes every week so you can keep up on the latest.

  • Get started with a top pick from your Role Advisor: In this section, the Role Advisor shows important content grouped into content types such as course, books, audiobooks, and labs. This way you can quickly choose the learning method that works best for you and your schedule in topics that are most important for your role.

  • Role Advisor recommends these skills: Different roles require different skills. Role Advisor showcases the most important skills for your role. When selected, you see content recommendations to help you achieve that skill.

  • Measure your skills with Skill Benchmarks: If you are not sure where to start, take a skill benchmark. Only benchmarks for skills needed for your role are shown. After you take a benchmark, you see recommendations on where to focus your learning efforts to achieve proficiency in that skill.