User Login Experience

Percipio guides users through logging in depending on how they have their site configured.

First-time login options

Step 1: Depending on how you configured Percipio, users enter either corporate credentials or Percipio credentials to log into Percipio.

Skillsoft recommends setting up Percipio to use corporate credentials (single sign-on or SSO) so users do not have to remember a separate login name and password. If you choose manual or bulk upload to create user accounts, you have three options available that impact the user experience during this step:

  • Choose to have Percipio send users a welcome email with a link that automatically logs the user in the first time.

  • Require users to reset their password the first time they log in.

  • Require multi-factor authentication (MFA). In addition to login credentials, the user must also supply a 6-digit code upon login. Users receive the code in the email address associated with their Percipio account.

  • Identify a contact person or website at your company for user account questions.

Step 2: Skillsoft provides the option for you to set up a custom use policy if your standards require it. Selecting this option requires all users to accept the use policy before they can gain access to Percipio for the first time.

Step 3: Users are prompted to select a job role if the setting is enabled and you have not set one for them. If the user skips selecting a role, they can do it any time on the Role and Skill Ratings page

Step 4 : Users are prompted to select skills they want to build. They can choose to skip the selection process or spend a couple of minutes choosing skills important to them. Selecting a job role helps learners understand the skills that are required for their role. Selecting skills helps Percipio provide a customized learning experience for the user. If the user skips selecting skills, they can do it any time from the Skill Interests section of their profile.

Step 5: After the learner completes steps 1 through 4, they can start learning.

Subsequent login options

If user accounts are missing emails or passwords, you have the option to allow Percipio to ask users for that information on subsequent logins. These options would not apply if you configured Percipio to use corporate credentials.

Configurations and the User Experience

Depending on your corporate policies and technology, explore the following configuration options and the resulting user experiences.

Logging in with corporate credentials

Skillsoft recommends setting up Percipio to use corporate credentials so users do not have to remember a separate username and password. This is called single sign-on (SSO). To use SSO with Percipio, you need an Identity Provider (IdP) that uses the Secure Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML) 2.0 standard. For details on setting up this configuration see Single Sign On.

Logging in with Percipio credentials

The following scenarios use manual or automatic bulk imports to create and maintain user accounts.

Mobile and Compliance only users