Policy Management

You can manage whether you require users to accept a corporate policy before they access Percipio. You also have the ability to hide the Skillsoft license agreement and privacy notice from the login page and footer.

To get started, from the Settings menu, select Policy Management.

Hide standard license agreement

By default, users can view the standard Skillsoft license agreement from the footer of all pages including the sign-in page. If you do not want users to see the license agreement, turn this setting Off.

Hide standard privacy notice

By default, users can view the standard Skillsoft privacy policy (privacy notice) from the footer of all pages including the sign-in page. If you do not want users to see this policy, turn this setting Off.

Cookie preferences

Individuals may use browser settings to refuse or disable cookies. If an individual has disabled or refused all cookies, some parts of Percipio may become inaccessible or not function properly. Percipio offers the following cookie preferences for your site:

  • Percipio cookies: These are required to optimize performance and cannot be turned off.
  • Google cookies: On be default, Google cookies allow Percipio to send usage data to Google for analysis. Percipio anonymizes all personal identifying information before sending any data. We analyze how people use Percipio so we can improve it for you. Help us by keeping this switch on.
Note: If you turn off Google cookies and use Google-related apps, such as YouTube for linked content, Google cookies will still be shared in those cases.

See Cookies for more information on how Percipio uses cookies.

Add your custom corporate use policy

You can create a corporate use policy for your users to accept when they first sign into Percipio. The corporate use policy only appears for each user once unless you update the policy.

If you create a policy for a language other than English, your users' browser language determines which policy displays. If a user's browser language is not one of Percipio's supported languages, the English policy displays, so you must have an English version prior to creating it in any additional languages.

Edit an existing custom policy

Note: When you edit a custom policy and user acceptance is set to ON, users must accept the policy again prior to signing in.
  1. From the left navigation, click Custom Policy.
  2. If applicable, click the language drop-down and select the language of the policy you wish to edit.
  3. Modify the Policy Title or Policy Content.
  4. Click Save custom policy.