Create a String Attribute

Use the String attribute type if your values are unique to each user, or if you require unlimited values (for example, employee IDs, national insurance numbers, or job titles). Values for this attribute are automatically populated based on data entered within user profiles (via the Create New User page, the Edit User page, or the Import User page).

  1. On the Admin menu, click USERS > User Attributes. The User Attributes page displays.
  2. On the User Attributes page, click New Attribute. The Create User Attribute page displays.
  3. Enter a Name for the attribute.
    • This is a required field and must be unique within an organization.
    • The field limit is 255 characters.
  4. Select String.
  5. If you are using self registration and want this attribute to display in a user's browser language, select the language and specify the Display Label for that language. If you do not specify a Display label in a user's language, self registration displays the attribute in English.
  6. Click Create. The attribute saves.
Note: To add values to this attribute type, you must create the value within a user's profile. See Assign a String attribute.