Associate a Custom Channel to an Audience

To control which learners can view your custom channels, associate the channels to one or more audiences. This entitles only those learners within the specified audience(s) to view the custom channels. You can associate custom channels and audiences through the Create Audience, Edit Audience, Create Custom Channel, and Edit Custom Channel pages in Percipio. You can also associate an audience to a custom channel within the Custom Channel workflow.

Note: Skillsoft content within a custom channel remains viewable to users who have a license to the content, but they can only access it via browsing the library, Percipio Search, or from an assignment containing the content. See Audience Associations for information about granting licenses to users.

Important information about associating custom channels and audiences

  • By default, custom channels are associated to the All Users audience.
  • When you associate a custom channel to one or more audiences, the All Users audience association is removed and only the specified audience(s) can access the channel.
  • If you change the audience association from All Users to a specific audience, learners in the All Users audience lose access to the channel's content because only those learners in the specified audience can access the content.
  • Adding learners to an associated audience automatically entitles them to view the custom channel and grants them license to all content within it.
  • If you remove a learner from an associated audience, they lose access to the channel's content (if they do not have access to the specific content from any other audience associations).