Retire a Single File

Retiring a file removes it from the library, and makes it unavailable to learners.

Note: Retiring content cannot be undone.
  1. From the Admin menu, choose CONTENT > Content Items. The Manage Content Items page displays.
  2. Locate the custom content you wish to retire.
  3. Select the More Actions icon , then The Retire button, a folder with a down arrow on it Retire. A confirmation message displays:
  4. In the confirmation message, select Retire.The content retires immediately and is no longer accessible to learners.
  5. Another message displays asking if you want to free up space.
  6. Select Download file to save a copy of the retired content.
  7. Select one of the options:
    • No, keep this file: Keeps the content on the server, and storage space remains unchanged.
    • Yes, delete this file: Removes the content from the server and frees up storage space.