The Activity page displays the history and status of all content you've accessed or been assigned to in Percipio.

If you do not see your name at the top of the Activity page, your Percipio user account does not have a record of your first name, last name, or both. Contact your training administrator to update your user account with both your first and last name.

Depending on what content you access or start, you may see different tabs on the page: All Activity, PMI PDU, NASBA CPE, Journeys, or Imported Data.

The columns on the page include the following:

  1. Title: Click the to open the content.
    • Clicking on the Aspire Journey title takes you to the Journey track page.
    • Clicking on the NASBA CPE and PMI PDU titles takes you to the course.
  2. Type: The type of asset (see Working with Content for a detailed list of content assets).
  3. Status: The current status of the content asset.
    • Started: There is progress for the content, based on the completion criteria.
    • Completed: The completion criteria for the course has been met. See Complete your Content for details about each asset type's specific completion criteria.
    • Retired: The content is retired and is no longer accessible within Percipio.
  4. Started: The date you first accessed the content.
  5. Completed: The date you completed the content, based on the defined completion criteria. If available for the content, you can also download a course certificate from this column.
  6. Score: The highest score you achieved on a course test. Only shows for NASBA CPE and PMI PDU. This does not apply for journeys or imported data.

Imported Data tab

If your organization has migrated your activity from other learning systems, you may see an Imported Data tab. This lists learning activity you completed outside of Percipio.