The Activity page displays the history and status of all content you have started.

If you open a course but do not play any videos or access any of its resources, it is not considered started and does not show on your activity page.

Access the Activity page

  1. Select My Profile then select Activity.
  2. If you do not see your name at the top of the Activity page, your Percipio user account does not have a record of your first name, last name, or both. Contact your training administrator to update your user account with both your first and last name.
  3. Depending on what content you started, you may see additional pages under Activity on the left side navigation.

Activity Data

Within each activity page you see a table of data. For each table, you can:

  • Sort on each column heading to order the data so that it makes the most sense for you.
  • Download the data as a CSV to share with your manager during a performance review.
  • Access the more actions menu to share the item with colleagues, add it to your playlist, view details, and view completion certificates.

The table columns on each of the pages include the following:

  1. Title: Select the name to open the content.
    • Selecting an Aspire Journey title takes you to the Journey track page.
    • Selecting a NASBA CPE and PMI PDU titles takes you to the course.
  2. Type: The type of asset (see Working with Content for a detailed list of content assets).
  3. Status: The current status of the content asset.
    • Started: There is progress for the content, based on the completion criteria.
    • Restarted: If you restarted a course, you see this status until you complete the new instance of the course. You also see a separate row within your activity for the same course with a status of Completed.
    • Completed: The completion criteria for the item has been met or your administrator granted you a completion. See Complete your Content for details about each item type's specific completion criteria.
    • Retired: The content is retired and is no longer accessible within Percipio.
  4. Started: The date you first accessed the content, or if you didn't access the item, but were granted a completion, the date the completion was granted.
  5. Completed: The date you completed the content, based on the defined completion criteria, or if you didn't access the item, but were granted a completion, the date the completion was granted.
  6. Highest Score: The highest score you achieved on a course test. This does not apply for journeys or imported data. You may not see a score if you were granted a completion by an administrator.
  7. More Actions: Use the options under this menu to:
    • View details: provides details of the completion, including whether an admin granted a completion as an override or waiver.
    • Mark as completed: displays for custom content items that an admin configured with the learner marks it as complete.
    • Completion requirements: displays only after you select NASBA CPE or PMI PDU from the left navigation. A pop up shows the requirements you need to meet to achieve completion, and if it is a NASBA sanctioned course, it contains a link to provide feedback.
      Note: If an admin granted you a completion, you are not eligible for NASBA CPE or PMI PDU credits, unless you go to the course and watch all the videos and take the assessment.
    • Share: displays a pop up allowing you to share the item with another at your company.
    • Save for later: adds the item to your Saved for later playlist.
    • Playlist add/remove: displays a pop up allowing you to manage your playlist.
    • View certificate: downloads the completion certificate if you completed the item and if the item is eligible for a completion certificate. If the content is waived, you do not see this option because waived content does not earn a completion certificate. Skillsoft offers four different certificates if the item is eligible.
      • From the main Activity page, you see your company branded or generic completion certificate.
      • From the main Activity page, if it is Skillsoft Compliance course, you see the Compliance certificate.
      • From the NASBE CPE page, you see a specific NASBA CPE certificate
      • From the PMI PDU page, you see a specific PMI PDU certificate

External Learning page

If enabled for your site, you see an External Learning page. This list shows learning activity you completed outside of Percipio. You can see items you entered or those imported by a site administrator from another LMS.

You can add items at your discretion. For example, you may add articles you read, courses you took, conferences you attended, or certifications you achieved. Percipio admins can report on learning you add to this list.

Note: You can view external learning items from the mobile app, but you can only add them from Percipio for the web.

From this page, you can:

  • Add External learning: Specify required details like title, type, end date, and time spent learning to capture any learning that you did outside Percipio.
  • Download CSV: Download a CSV file to share with your manager during a review.