Journeys are structured learning paths. A journey keeps you working toward an overall goal, helping you to achieve your career aspirations. Each stage takes you step-by-step through a diverse set of topic areas. As you move along the path, each journey builds upon your current knowledge allowing you to broaden and strengthen your skills.

Journeys are made up of required tracks, which contain all of the learning content for a specific path or job function, as well as optional resources. To complete a journey, you must complete all of the tracks within the learning path.

There are three kinds of journeys within Percipio:

  • Aspire Journeys are guided learning paths designed and published by Skillsoft. The learning path comprises tracks of content in a recommended order. Completing all content within a track, completes the track. Completing all tracks within the journey, completes the journey.
  • Custom journeys are guided learning paths that you create for your company using content published to Percipio including both Skillsoft and custom content.
  • Career Journeys are bundles of specially curated Aspire Journeys that contain additional content items ensuring each learner can retain and apply their new skills on the job. Some Career Journeys might have live courses, labs, and mentors, others might have test preps and projects, all have instructional variety and reporting to provide a scalable way to upskill your employees in specific areas. You can purchase a Career Journey as an add-on for an additional fee and then license it to a specific group of users.