Custom Journeys

Custom journeys are guided learning paths that you create for your company using content published to Percipio including both Skillsoft and custom content.

If your company or organization has created journeys, you can discover them by browsing the library or searching, the same as any other content item. When you discover a journey, you can add it to your playlist or share it with a colleague.

Examples of custom journeys might be: a learning path for new hires to onboard, a journey aimed to cross-train teams, or maybe a new manager training program. Typical custom journeys contain up to three sections: an optional introduction, required tracks, and any optional related content. On each track, a progress indicator shows how much of the track is complete. After you complete all tracks, the progress indicator shows 100% complete on both the track page and on the journey page.

If configured for your site, you may earn:

  • A certificate of completion when you complete a custom journey.To determine if a journey is certificate eligible, open a journey and look for the Earn your certificate icon.

  • Custom Digital Badges when you complete the custom tracks and journeys. To determine if a journey is badge eligible, open a journey and look for the Earn your badge icon.