Custom Channels

You can create custom channels specifically for your organization. You can create a new (blank) custom channel, copy an existing custom channel, or copy an existing Skillsoft channel. You can include a selection of custom content, Skillsoft content, or a combination of both.

Prior to creating custom channels, Skillsoft recommends you review the Custom Content Best Practices documentation.

Automatic content updates

  • Skillsoft channels automatically receive new Skillsoft content offerings as those offerings become available.
  • To receive automatic updates to a copied channel, you must not add or remove any content from the channel. You can change the title, description, and image without impacting automatic content updates to the copied channel.
  • If you copy a Skillsoft channel and add/remove content, your custom channel does not automatically receive new Skillsoft content offerings.

Channel creation

  • Check that existing channels do not already cover the topics you want to see in your custom channels.
  • Do not create large amounts of custom channels.
  • Ensure you have complete descriptions written for each channel.

Content selection

Ensure you know what content is already available on your site.

  • Locate both Skillsoft and custom content using search, and by browsing your existing channels.
  • Review your custom-linked content items.
  • To help you identify courses in a local language that you can add to a journey language view, you can see Find a course in a different language or use the All content listing report and filter on the English Equivalent Title column for the English title you are using.
  • Even thought there is no software imposed limit on the number of items that you can add to a channel, we recommend that you try to keep the channel targeted for easy management and consumption.