Create Percipio Custom User Attributes for Compliance Mappings

You can map up to four Percipio custom user attributes to four Compliance data fields: two Supervisor Email fields store email addresses for supervisors and level 2 supervisors, and two User-specific fields store data specific to each individual user such as a user or corporate ID.

This is ideal if you want to allow up to two supervisors to receive training reminder emails about their user and if you want to store information specific to individual users, such as Employee Number.

Changes to Percipio custom user attributes appear in Percipio Compliance in near real time. See Sync Percipio Data for more information about data sync timing.

To configure the mapping of Percipio custom user attributes to the Compliance data fields:

  1. From the Percipio Admin menu, select USER > User Attributes. The User Attributes page displays.
  2. Select New Attribute. The Create User Attribute page displays.
  3. Enter the Name for the attribute.
      • This is a required field and must be unique within an organization.
      • Limit for this field is 255 characters.
  4. Select the attribute type. We recommend that you select List to help ensure data integrity.
    • You can also use the String type but this allows for each entry to be different even through capitalization.
    • Do not use the Percipio user type for the supervisor email addresses.
  5. For User Attribute values, we recommend the following:
    •  Select the option to Authorize direct creation of new values. When selected, you can add individual values for each user when you create a new user or edit an existing user.
    • Do not select the option to Allow multiple values to be selected for this attribute. If you add multiple values for an individual user, Compliance only saves the first value specified in Percipio for Supervisor email or user-specific data fields.
    • Do not add values to the attribute at this time.
  6. Select Create.
  7. For each user account in Percipio, specify a value in the newly created custom user attribute.
  8. Open Compliance Administrator and map the attributes to the supervisor email fields on the Setup > Percipio Settings page.
Note: You can use an existing user attribute as long as it contains no other values and authorizes direct creation of new values.