CAISY™ AI Simulation Dashboard

The CAISY™ AI Simulation dashboard shows a visual summary of how your learners are using AI simulations to gain skills. You can answer questions such as:

  • Which and how many AI simulations are my learners taking?
  • How many learners are engaged in learning skills through AI simulations?
  • Which behaviors and modes are my learners engaging with?
  • What are the top 10 most-used AI scenarios?
  • How are my learners' results distributed among the different proficiency levels?
  • How many learners are practicing these scenarios more than once and how much time are they spending?

How to Use

With this dashboard, you can gauge where your learners are on the proficiency spectrum for each AI simulation at any given point in time within the specified date range. The dashboard only reports on the best proficiency rating of each learner within that date range if they have taken the simulation more than once.

For example, this dashboard helps you see how you might need to tailor programs based on results. If many users rank in the Poor category for a specific scenario, you might consider assigning additional contextual content to support the skill the scenario is teaching. Conversely, if many learners score in the Outstanding category, and only a few score in the Poor category, you can tailor programs just for learners scoring poorly, while assigning learners who score outstanding to the next highest skill set or challenging them with a different scenario behavior.

If you haven't yet assigned CAISY™ AI scenarios or added them to custom journeys or learning programs, you can see what scenarios your learners are focusing on and if they align to your corporate business objectives. If you configured audiences for department and job role, you can get a sense of the proficiency level of different departments or job roles by using the audience filter to see the scenarios accessed and the proficiency levels achieved.

Access the Dashboard

To access the CAISY™ AI Simulation Dashboard: from the Analytics menu, select CAISY AI Simulation. The dashboard page displays.