Estimated Program Value Charts

The Estimated Program Value charts help you gain insight into the ongoing value to your organization accrued through the use of Skillsoft content solutions. The program estimates calculated in Percipio provide financial metrics on how learning impacts your organization in terms of the value of improved skills and of productive time saved. These estimates are standardized and are based in part on financial information provided by your organization.

About estimates

Estimating the credible impact of a training program can be difficult. Just as the impact of an advertising program can never be known precisely, calculating the true value of learning is equally as complicated. However, reasonable estimates are a generally accepted technique for measuring learning impact as well as for decision-making in other parts of your organization. Sales forecasts, growth estimates and similar analysis are used daily to make choices about how dollars should be spent. Similarly, the estimates included in Percipio's Value Dashboard are not intended to provide an exact impact figure; they are designed to produce reasonable analysis based on conservative assumptions derived from Skillsoft's value benchmarks and your organization's adoption data.

Standard adjustment: 50%

Skillsoft's current Impact Benchmarks are derived from self-reported data collected from more than 30,000 actual end users of Skillsoft content in 2014-2015. The goal of Percipio's Value Dashboards is to deliver a credible monetized estimate of value without overstating the effect. Since your users have not provided the relevance and skill gain estimates as they would through a formal impact analysis, the benchmarks in Percipio's Value Dashboard are adjusted by 50% to ensure no over-estimation of value.