Engagement and Notifications

As a site administrator, you can manage Percipio-generated emails, push notifications, and engagement features such as leaderboards and question and answer.

To access the engagement and notification settings:

  1. From the Settings menu, select the Engagement & Notifications option.
  2. Select one of the five settings from the left navigation menu to configure:
    • Email Settings: Configure your organization name, default email template language, and whether Percipio can collect a user's email address if one is not specified.
    • Email Campaigns: Configure which emails to send to users to keep them coming back to Percipio to learn.
    • Engagement: Configure options that motivate learners to learn such as being able to earn digital badges, receive push notifications, and set learning goals.
    • Leaderboards: Configure the types of leaderboards your learners see.
    • Mobile App: Allow Percipio to display links for users to be able to download the Percipio mobile app.
    • Social Learning: Configure whether you want learners to see the Question and Answer feature within the course player.

Email Settings

Help Percipio provide a custom experience for your learners. Find these settings from: Settings -> Engagement & Notifications -> Email settings.

Email Campaigns

When you turn on email notifications, you remind learners about their learning opportunities and duties. You can find emails from:Settings -> Engagement & Notifications -> Email Campaigns.


When you turn on engagement settings, you encourage and motivate your learners to return to Percipio and continue learning. Find these settings from: Settings -> Engagement & Notifications -> Engagement.


Leaderboards can help you create a more engaging learning environment by allowing learners to see their progress and compare themselves to others. Leaderboards show learners how they rank among their peers and colleagues within your company, which can generate excitement and spark motivation.

You can choose which leaderboards learners can view by configuring up to three settings from Settings -> Engagement & Notifications -> Leaderboards:

How leaderboards display to learners

Learners can access leaderboards from the web and mobile app. They have three settings to select from when viewing their leaderboard:

  • Type: A learner's rank is measured on the type they select. Options include:

    • Badges: The rank is based on the number of badges earned. Learners earn badges when they complete a course, track, or journey. For learners to see this option, you must enable badges for your organization.
    • Completions: The rank is based on the number of learning items the learner completed. Learners accumulate completions when they meet completion criteria for courses, tracks, journeys, labs, skill benchmarks, books, audiobooks, book summaries, audio summaries, live events, live courses, and other linked and custom content items. Please note the launch of a single Skillsoft course video is not counted as a completion on the leaderboard.
  • Group: You choose which leaderboards your learners see by configuring the different user groups available to them:
  • Time frame: Learners can choose the current month, the last 3 months, or the last 6 months. If a learner selects the current month, their rank is based on the number of badges earned or learning completed since the beginning of the current month to the current date.

Every time a learner earns a badge or completes a learning item, they get a new ranking based on their number compared to other learners within their selected group. If a learner has the same number of completions or badges as another, the learner who achieved that number first is ranked higher. Please note when a learner launches a single Skillsoft course video, that is not counted as a completion on the leaderboard.

Learners can choose to show their name or display anonymously by adjusting their settings in My Profile.

How leaderboards for learning programs display to learners

You can set leaderboard visibility when you create a learning program. Learners who are enrolled in a program can select the Check your rank option for a learning program on the Programs page to see how they rank for progress in completing the learning program against others in the program cohort. Learners can choose to show their name or display anonymously by adjusting their settings in My Profile.

Mobile App

Promote the Mobile App

Improve learner engagement by enabling Mobile App promotions on the sign in page, in the footer of pages, and in Percipio-generated emails.

The app allows on-the-go learning with a phone or tablet, plus includes additional features like offline play and voice control. From Settings -> Engagement & Notifications -> Mobile app, select on or off:

  • (Default) On: Enables promotion of the Mobile App with links to the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Off: Disables the Mobile App promotion.

Social Learning

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Skillsoft courses are available with a Q&A tab, which allows learners to ask a question of your organization's Percipio community about the content covered in the course. Any learner can answer questions posed, view questions from other learners, and like add to playlist button, blue outlined star questions and answers. Learners can also follow a course's Q&A and receive email notifications when activity occurs.

When the setting under Site features called Allow AI to answer questions posted in the Q&A tab of Skillsoft coursesis enabled, learners will be able to ask AI questions.

If any question or answer is flagged as inappropriate, site admins receive a summary notification the day after with all the items that were flagged as inappropriate. Admins can then follow the link in the email notification to go directly to the offending content to review and decide whether to remove it.

You can configure content curators, and content coordinators with permissions to also be able to review Q&A responses flagged as inappropriate. These roles do not get notified.

From Settings -> Engagement & Notifications -> Social learning, the settings available are:

Display Questions and Answers (Q&A) tab in the course player

  • (Default) On: Shows the Q&A tab for all courses where Q&A is available.
  • Off: Hides the Q&A tab on all courses.

Allow Q&A to send email notifications to learners (recommended)

  • (Default) On: Shows the option within the Q&A tab that allows learners to follow the Q&A. If learners select to follow a course's Q&A, they receive email notifications when someone adds a question or answer. This setting also controls whether an administrator gets notified when someone flags a question or answer as inappropriate.
  • Off: Hides the option to follow a Q&A and prevents Percipio from sending any email notifications to learners or admins.

Learn together

Learn Together enables collaborative learning by allowing learners to choose a piece of content and invite others to complete it with them. This fosters a supportive learning environment where they can have discussions via social channels and celebrate milestones. Learning together in a group can be more enjoyable and supportive while enhancing retention and skill application.

When you offer this option, learners see it from the actions menu within a content item. If they select to learn together, they complete two text fields, one for a title (required) and another for a description (optional). They also specify a start and end date to keep the learning tracking and on course. When a learner initiates a learn together experience with others, the others have the option to join or decline. If they join, they are included in a list of participants and learners see each other's name and progress. If they decline, they are not included in the list of participants and their name is not revealed.

  • (Default) On: Shows the option, Learn together, for all learners under the actions menu for all Skillsoft content types and custom content except live courses.
  • Off: Hides the option, Learn together, from learners for all Skillsoft and custom content types.