Edit an Existing User

You can edit your existing users' information using the Edit User page. To edit multiple users, see Update Existing Users by Bulk Import.

  1. From the Admin menu, click USERS > User Management. The User Management page displays.
  2. Locate the user you want to edit.
  3. In the Actions column, click More actions button, three vertical dots > the Edit button, a pencil. The Edit User page displays.
  4. Modify the information as necessary. For detailed descriptions of the user fields, see Create a New User.
Note: If you change a user's role, the updated permissions show within minutes for the user without them having to log out. You can only assign a role that has equal or fewer privileges than your role. For example, a learning admin cannot assign a user the site admin role.

Modifying a user's attributes

Adding or removing user attributes from a user's profile can impact that user's entitlements.

  • If you remove a user attribute, the user is removed from any audiences defined by that attribute. The user also loses access to the content associated to the audience.
  • If you add a user attribute and an associated value, the user is automatically added to any audiences defined by that attribute and associated value. The user gains access to the content associated to those new audiences. Upon the next sign in to Percipio, the user consumes a license for that license pool.