Search for Content in the App

  1. Tap Search button, grey magnifying glass to access search.
  2. Enter your search term.
  3. Select a term from the list of suggestions and tap Search.

Filter the search results

You can filter the search results by content type.

  1. Tap Filter button, grey lines to display the list of available types.
  2. Tap to select the desired search filters.
  3. Tap Apply Filters, or tap Reset Filters to clear the selections.

In the search results filtered by type, you can:

  1. Tap Back button, blue arrow pointing to the left to return to the Home page.
  2. Enter a new search term to start a new search.
  3. Tap Filter button, blue circle with white lines to select a different set of content filters.
  4. Tap clear filter to see the unfiltered search results.