Use Percipio search to quickly find content, such as courses, videos, books, skill benchmarks, channels and journeys. Percipio uses an intelligent search engine that displays suggested search queries as you enter text into the search field to help you quickly narrow your search.

From the initial search results, you can further filter or scroll to see top matches. As you scan the top matches, you see specific content item details.

Depending on the type of item, you might see:

  • Content type: Located above the title, this indicates the type of item such as course, video, book, etc
  • Status: Located to the right of content type, this indicates whether you started or completed the item previously. If nothing shows, you have not yet accessed the item.
  • Action icons: Located to the right of status, these allow you to share the item with colleagues, like, or save the item to your playlist.
  • Title: Indicated by bold text, this shows the title of the item.
  • Description: Located below the title and technology version, indicates what you can expect to learn from the content item.
  • Duration: Located below the description when applicable, this shows the estimated time needed to complete the item in hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • Technology title and version: Located below the title when applicable, indicates the specific technology, such as Excel, and the technology version, such as Microsoft 365, that this item covers.
  • Content source: Located to the right of duration when applicable, this indicates where the content comes from such as, Skillsoft, a partner, vendor, or custom content specification.
  • Expertise level: Located to the right of content source, this indicates the level of content contained in the item such as, for everyone, beginner, intermediate or expert.
  • Published date: Located to the right of expertise level, this indicates when the item was published in Percipio or for books, the actual publisher's publish date. Skillsoft does not update the date when content is republished.
  • If an item in the search results is:
  • part of a course, the From Course field links back to the associated course.
  • part of a channel, the From Channel field links back to the associated channel(s).
  • part of a journey, the From Journey field links back to the associated channel(s).
  • part of a Career Journey, to which the learner is entitled, the From Career Journey field links back to the associated Career Journey.
  • a book, the Best Chapter match field links directly to a chapter in the book that best matches your search terms.

The Percipio Search returns 20 results per page. To see additional results, click Show More at the bottom of the Search results page.

Note: You can search in the selected Percipio language only. To see more content offerings you may be entitled to, change your language setting, then run your search again.

How search works

You can search for content in the selected Percipio language only. When you enter a search term, the search engine looks for matches to indexed asset metadata fields and content types. When a match is found, a relevance score is calculated for each asset.

For details on searching keywords and content types, see How Search Works.

To search for content

Filtering search results

Use filters to refine your search results. These may vary based on the content returned in the original search results.

  1. Sort by: select Best Match to view the closest results based on your entered search terms, or use Newest to see the most recently-released content that matches your entered search terms.
  2. Type: provides all asset types available that match your search terms. Select the types of content for how you want to learn.
  3. Subject: allows the learner to filter results by the Library subject(s) to which the content belongs. This can help learners narrow in on the topics they are targeting.
  4. Content Source: provides the vendor or provider who created and maintains the content.
  5. Expertise: provides various search options for level of knowledge.
  6. Note: Books are tagged as Everyone and are only included in filtered Expertise results if you select Everyone as one of your filters. Channels do not have an explicit Expertise level, and are included in filtered results regardless of the Expertise filter selection.
  7. Duration: provides various search options for time to complete the content.
  8. Note: The Duration filter is not available in ELSA.
  9. Training Credits: provides the option to search by training certifications.

To use filters

Select the types of content you want to include in your refined results. You can select multiple filters to narrow your search results.

The selected search filters display on the left of the Search page and the search results update with each selection.

Note: When using the filters, the counts update to reflect the new filtered results. If all of the selections are filtered out, the count shows 0 and is disabled.

The filter options vary based on the content returned in the original search results.