A channel is where you can go to find all content about a particular subject area of interest. Channels present several types of content, using different views and presentation options to assist you with determining what content best meets your needs. Channels are the core building blocks of the Percipio library and can contain courses, videos (available through courses), books, book summaries, and audiobooks.

Channels have different sets of filters based on the subject covered. Channel filters that may be available include:

  • Technology: A specific technology and version within the channel (for example, in the PowerPoint channel, technologies could include PowerPoint 2016 (Windows), PowerPoint 2016 (Mac), PowerPoint Online, PowerPoint iPhone, and more).
  • Expertise Level: An indicator of the necessary familiarity you should have with the subject matter (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced). Not all expertise levels are available with every channel.