Explore the Library

The Percipio Library contains all of the learning assets available to you. These assets are organized into a hierarchy to help you find content quickly and easily. You can explore the library, search for content, and add your favorite assets to your Playlist.

Note: You can explore the library in the selected Percipio language only. To see more content offerings you may be entitled to, change your language setting, then explore again.

Library organization

  • Category: the top-level label in the Percipio library. By default you see the standard menu category: Skill Areas, where you can add your custom areas and subjects. You also see other categories for Certifications, Aspire Journeys, Career Journeys, Showcase, and Collections which are maintained solely by Skillsoft. You may also see a custom category for your company.
    • Custom category: If you configure a custom menu category, you can add custom areas and subjects specific to your organization.
    • Skill Areas: The main category that contains all Skillsoft areas and any custom areas you configure.
    • Certifications:Certifications are a unique category within the Library. You can browse certifications from various vendors and select channels focused on presenting targeted content for a particular certification path. You only see certifications in the library if you are entitled to them.
    • Aspire Journeys: This category groups all Aspire journeys for easy access.
    • Career journeys: This category contains any Career journeys to which you are entitled.
    • Collections: This category showcases content contained in a specific collection to which you are entitled. It helps you easily see what is popular and newly added to the site.
    • Showcase: This cateogory contains the Live Course Calendar, Skill Benchmarks, Skillsoft Bootcamps, Leadercamps and Live Events that display if you are entitled to the content.
  • Areas: broad groupings of content that display under the standard or custom categories. Areas are listed alphabetically in the library under their category.
  • Subject: topic-level grouping of content that display under an area.Select an area to see its subjects.
  • Channels: Channels are the core building blocks of the library. A channel further refines the subject into sub-topics of related content presented in an organized way.
  • Aspire journeys: Journeys are structured learning paths which provide content to achieve the skills for a specific job role or function.
  • Content: Content includes courses, videos, books, book summaries, audiobooks, audio summaries, live courses, Skill Benchmarks, Practice Labs, TestPreps, dynamic content, and any custom content your admin adds.