Setting your Language

Percipio supports multiple languages. If you have learning content available in languages other than English, a language selector displays at the top of your web browser.

Change Your Percipio Site Language

You cannot change your site language while actively consuming content, for example, playing a course or listening to an audiobook. To change your language:

  1. Select the language icon, at the top of the Percipio page.
  2. Select an available language from the list. Percipio immediately refreshes and displays in the selected language.
  3. Note: Some languages may not be available to you. When you change your site language, you can only search and browse for content in the selected language. If you do not have any content available to you in the selected language, a message displays to inform you of this.

When you choose another language:

  • The Percipio interface is translated.
  • Learning content is limited to the language you chose.
  • The default system text in emails you receive from Percipio is translated for you based on your language selection. If your admin added custom text to a Percipio email or did not configure Percipio compliance emails in your local language, you may see the email in English.

To change your mobile app language, see Percipio Mobile Language Support.

Note: Language settings on web, mobile, and ELSA are all stored separately. If you change your language on one, it does not automatically change the language on the others.

Percipio login page language

When you access the login page, Percipio automatically detects your browser language.

Supported Languages

Percipio supports learning content in the following languages. For more information on how to view automated closed captions in another language, see Courses with Translated Closed Captions.

Supported Percipio Site Languages Language Code Available for Automated Closed Captions^
Arabic arb* yes
Bahasa (Indonesian) id-ID yes
Bahasa (Malay) ms-MY yes
Bulgarian bg-BG yes
Chinese (Cantonese) zh-HK no
Chinese (simplified) zh-CN yes
Chinese (traditional) zh-TW yes
Croatian hr-HR yes
Czech cs-CZ yes
Danish da-DK yes
Dutch nl-NL yes
English en-US yes
English (Australia) en-AU no
English (Canada) en-CA no
English (India) en-IN no
English (New Zealand) en-NZ no
English (United Kingdom) en-gb no
Finnish fi-FI yes
French fr-FR yes
French Canadian fr-CA yes
German de-DE yes
Greek el-GR yes
Hindi hi-IN yes
Hungarian hu-HU yes
Italian it-IT yes
Japanese ja-JP yes
Korean ko-KR yes
Norwegian nb-NO yes
Polish pl-PL yes
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR yes
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT no
Romanian ro-RO yes
Russian ru-RU yes
Serbian sr-RS yes
Slovakian sk-SK yes
Spanish (International) es yes
Spanish (Castilian) es-ES no
Spanish (Latin American) es-DO no
Swedish sv-SE yes
Thai th-TH yes
Turkish tr-TR yes
Vietnamese vi-VN yes

*Percipio in Arabic is not 100% responsive when users resize browser windows.

^Automated closed captions also supports these languages:

  • Albanian
  • Amharic
  • Armenian
  • Catalan
  • Filipino
  • Georgian
  • Gujarati
  • Hebrew
  • Kazakh
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Marathi
  • Slavic Macedonian
  • Slovenian
  • Somali
  • Swahili
  • Tamil
  • Ukrainian
  • Urdu
  • Welsh