Book Summaries

A book summary is a condensed version of leading business and technical books from today's foremost authors. Summaries expertly encapsulate the salient points and ideas of full-length books into a shorter, more digestible format. Book summaries skillfully distill the essence of the author's work, conveying content, style, and spirit. Designed for ease-of-use with short passages, bulleted lists, and other useful elements, these thorough, yet concise, high-level overviews represent cutting-edge ideas that are shaping today's business environment.

To complete a book summary, you must read at least 50% of the content.

Book Reader for Book Summaries

The book player has many components to aid in your learning experience.

  1. Contents: This is the table of contents for the book. It shows a list of the chapters within the book and their order. You can collapse this panel for a bigger viewing area.
  2. Overview: The Overview tab displays a brief description of the book's content, information about the author, expertise level, and ISBN.
  3. Notes: The Notes tab displays if the Allow note taking setting is selected. When you see this section, you can add highlights to text and take notes about concepts you learn and ideas for how you might apply what your are learning at your job.

    To highlight text, select some text and pick a highlight color. To add a note, select Take note. A time stamp displays and you can enter up to 3000 characters in the notes field. If you want, you can add hashtags (#text) to help search and categorize your notes. All your notes and highlights for the entire content item display on the Notes tab and on the Notes page of your profile. You can edit and delete notes and highlights at any time.

  4. Action icons: The action icons vary depending on how your site is configured. You may see:

    • Share: The Share icon only displays when the Allow sharing of content setting is selected. Select the Share icon to share the entire book or just the selected chapter or section with peers by email or via a direct link.
    • Thumbs up: Shows how many likes a course has. Select this icon if you like the book.
    • More actions: Select the more action icon, , to add the book to your playlist so you can:
      • Save for later: adds the item to your Saved for later playlist.
      • Playlist add/remove: If enabled for your site, allows you to add this item to a specific playlist that you created.
      • Learn together: If enabled on your site, allows you to collaborate and Learn together. You invite others to review the content and discuss it so everyone can increase their knowledge and skills in a supportive environment.
      • Schedule learning time: Allows you to configure and send calendar invitations containing links to the content so you can make time for learning in your busy schedule. For more information, see Schedule learning time.
  5. Control bar: Allows you to control the viewing of the book. You can:

    • Search within book: Opens a search modal where you can search for text in the book. Your search results are highlighted in the modal. You can click a result to navigate directly to that part of the book where you will see your search text highlighted in the book player.
    • Hide table of contents: Closes the table of contents pane for wider viewing.
    • Full screen: Select the icon to have the book show at full screen.
    • Adjust Font: Change the size of the font on screen for your best reading.


Each book summary is also available as a PDF file. Click View full summary to download and print it.