Each Skillsoft video is part of a Skillsoft course. You can find each Skillsoft video as a separate content item when you perform a search and filter on Type equal to Video. If you are browsing the library, you will only see courses under the Watch tab of channels. You may see individual videos as part of journeys and depending on the display style of the journey, the video may play inline without you having to launch a separate player. Finally, you may see videos in an assignment.

If you launch a video and it shows in the video-only player, you can see that video as a separate learning activity on your Activity page. Admins also see that video as a separate completion in reports.

The video-only player has no table of contents or course details, nor does it play the next video in the course sequence or show related content:

To launch the course that this video is part of, select the course title link from the video's search results card.

If you launch a course, each video that you play within the course is not recorded as a separate learning activity.

Note: The video experience may vary based on the creation and configuration settings for content created by your organization.