Percipio Successfactors Integration


Integrating Successfactors with Percipio offers you the best of both worlds—Percipio’s engaging learning experience with the rich enterprise-class learning administration of Successfactors. You can utilize both systems as you see fit, using features from each to build a learning experience targeted to your organization

Our goal is the best possible learner experience while simplifying the content management responsibilities of your administrators. Percipio integration supports:

Benefits of a Percipio Integration

Integration enhances learner engagement and the learning experience in the following ways:

  • Rich multi-modal content experience
  • Better content discovery using images and rich meta-data
  • Social sharing of learning assets
  • Consistent user interface for all content types
  • Support for the Percipio ELSA browser extension to aid learning in the flow of work
  • Use of the Percipio mobile app for the best Skillsoft course, book, and audio book experience

Integration alleviates administrator burden in the following ways:

  • Option to use Percipio pre-curated channels minimizes content administration
  • Support for cataloging and tracking book and audio content
  • Batch completion tracking via a bulk import process

Integration at a Glance

Channel/Journey support

SuccessFactors supports channels and journeys as an online course

Multi-modal content support

Support for courses, videos, books, audio books, labs, and test prep via SuccessFactors online course type

Multi-lingual asset support

All languages supported by Percipio are available.

Compliance support

Compliance content is supported through an AICC export to an FTP site.

Content load mechanism

Automated file-based import using the Successfactors Bulk Content Import process.

Launch mechanism

Single Sign-on (SSO) deep links.

Tracking mechanism

Successfactors supports both API and automated file-based import for all asset types.

Content update mechanism

Daily automatic updates for new content and changes in metadata as they are published in Percipio.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about a Percipio integration click here to connect with a Skillsoft learning solution expert or contact your Customer Success Manager.

How does it work?

The diagram below represents both the learner flow from Successfactors to Percipio and the flow of data from Percipio to Successfactors. Each numbered area of the diagram is described in more detail following the diagram.

1. Automated content deployment to Successfactors catalog.

Percipio provides a daily, metadata export of the latest, licensed non-compliance Skillsoft content including courses, videos, books, book summaries, audio books, audio book summaries, test preps, labs, boot camps, live events, channels, and journeys.

This export can be configured to align with Successfactors setup including:

  • Mapping Skillsoft content to the Succesfactors' catalog.
  • Selecting content to include only the assets you want deployed to the Succesfactors' catalog. Learn how to make a selection of content, content types and languages to customize your catalog and enhance your learner experience.
  • Deploying compliance content.

Regardless of your content deployment strategy, your learners can browse and search for Skillsoft content.

To configure this element of the integration, the Skillsoft implementation team and your Successfactors team will perform the configuration steps in both Percipio and your LMS to generate, transform, schedule and deliver the content.

2. Content launch from Successfactors to Percipio

When learners launch a Skillsoft content asset in Successfactors, the item opens in Percipio. This is accomplished using single sign-on (SSO). For first-time users this SSO process creates a new account enabling Percipio to store user activity and manage the user experience. This account creation process can also be used to determine which Skillsoft content should be licensed to the user enabling you to deliver purchased content to specific target audiences. Some deployment scenarios may require more complex user management which could be served through other methods such as an integration with your HR system.

To configure this element of the integration, the Skillsoft implementation team and your technical team will implement a SAML SSO. This will not only enable learners to access Percipio-based content via Successfactors, but also from any other learning or non-learning system in your ecosystem enabling social sharing and other situations that may take the learner out of the platform.

If you are using compliance content, it will launch directly from Successfactors, into a separate compliance player using AICC standards.

3. Tracking Percipio user activity back to Successfactors

As learners access content, Percipio collects details on their activity and delivers that completion detail to Successfactors by leveraging the SuccessFactors OData API Web Service.

In addition, all collected data is also available in Percipio dashboards and reports enabling the use of these tools to monitor and measure the utilization of Skillsoft content and licenses.

To configure this element of the integration, the Skillsoft implementation team and your Successfactors team work together.