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Link an Evaluation to Learning Content

You must link an evaluation to learning content so that it is available to users. You can link an evaluation to the following types of content:

Note: When linking an evaluation to a content type marked with an asterisk (*), that evaluation cannot be marked as Required. For more information, see the note in step 5 below.

To link an evaluation to learning content

  1. Click Content > Evaluations on the navigation bar.

    The Evaluation Manager page displays.

  2. Select the evaluation you want to link, and click Link.

    The Link Items page displays, showing the content items in the left pane and the linked items in the right pane. You can resize the panes on this page to adjust the viewing window.

    Image of the Link Items Evaluation screen

    The Link Items page has three main areas:

  3. In Link Items to, select the desired evaluation.

    For more information on the menu options on this page, see Options When Linking Evaluations.

    Note: An evaluation does not display if a content items that it was linked to it was uninstalled from the Content Installer tab.

  4. In the All Items pane, select content to link to the evaluation:
  5. Click Link. The selected content items display in the Items Linked to pane.

    You can also drag and drop selected items into the right hand pane to link them to the selected evaluation.

    To require users to complete an evaluation after completing a linked content item, select Required. Otherwise, an evaluation remains optional for the user to complete.

    Note: For required evaluations, the user is prompted to complete the evaluation after completing the linked content. If the user does not complete the evaluation at that time, a reminder message displays whenever the user subsequently signs in to Skillport. Required evaluations cannot be deleted from a user's Assigned Learning tab of his learning plan. If the evaluation is optional, a user is not required to complete the evaluation, and he can delete the evaluation.

  6. When you are finished linking content items to evaluations, click Exit.
  7. Assign the content with a linked evaluation to a user's learning plan using the Learning Plan Assignment tab.

    The specified evaluation displays on the content details page for the linked content, and in the user's learning plan upon content completion.

Note: Content that cannot be completed (for example, Job Aids, SkillBriefs, and Express Guides) does not place an evaluation in a user's learning plan.