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Send Email

If it is enabled on your site, you can use the Send Email page to send an email to a combination of individual users and group members. Emails sent through the Skillport system are not stored within Skillport for accessing at a later date; as an alternative, include yourself as one of the recipients so you receive and can retain a copy in your default email application.

If you have an email address set in your profile, you are identified as the sender. If you do not, Skillport uses a generic and unmonitored "sender" email address (to which users cannot reply).

Note: Do not use this feature for time-sensitive communications. For guidelines on how to test email delivery, contact your Learning Consultant or Application Engineer at Skillsoft. Skillsoft does not accept liability for non-delivery of emails due to circumstances beyond its control, such as a local network outage.

See an example email.

To send an email

  1. Click Users & Groups > Send Email on the navigation bar.
  2. Specify the users to whom to send the email.
  3. In Subject, type the subject of the email. You can enter a maximum of 255 characters.
  4. In Body, type the email message.

    Note: The message can include a combination of plain text, symbols (accessible via the Button to click to insert a custom character or symbol button), hyperlinks, and images. You cannot include fields; these controls are disabled.

  5. If desired, add a hyperlink.
  6. To remove a hyperlink, place the cursor on the link, and click Button for changing a link to static text.
  7. If desired, add an image.
  8. If desired, format the text using the toolbar buttons in the Body.
  9. Click Send, and then click OK.

    The email is sent immediately. However, there may be a delay in when it is received, based on the number of recipients and other email being processed. You will receive a confirmation email when your email is sent. See Non-Customizable Emails for an example of what this email contains.