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Learning App Email Notification

You can send an email to your learners to inform them of how to download the Learning App from iTunes or the Google Play Store. You can also provide a link so they can configure the app quickly and easily.

Video icon Watch: Install and Configure the Skillsoft Learning App

To send a Learning App Notification Email

  1. Create a new email as described in Send Email.
  2. Add the learning app field codes to the email.


    1. Select {Install Learning App Link} and click add_field_icon to add the link to the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. This link points to the specific location on the respective app store to download the Skillsoft Learning App.
    2. Select {Configure Learning App Link} and click add_field_icon to add the configuration link. After the app installs, the learner can click this link to automatically configure the app to access your Skillport site.
  3. Once the email is complete, click Send, and then click OK.

Example Learning App Notification Email

When the learner receives the email, the links to the appropriate app store (iTunes or Google Play) and the configuration display as full URLs. Skillsoft recommends you add some descriptive text to inform the recipients of the purpose of each link. Below is an example of a learning app notification email. You can use the email as-is, or customize it to meet your organization's specific needs.


Announcing the new Skillsoft Learning App!

You can now access learning content from your Skillport site through your smartphone. To install the learning app and configure your smartphone, do the following:

  1. Download and install the Skillsoft Learning App to your smartphone by selecting the link below:

    {Install Learning App Link}

  2. Once the app is installed, select the link below to configure the learning app to access your Skillport site:

    {Configure Learning App Link}

  3. After configuration, you can log in to the app using your Skillport username and password {insert alternative text if using single sign-on}:
  4. After login, you will be taken through an interest selection process which will personalize the app to your topics of interest.

For more information on how to use the Skillsoft Learning App, see the Skillport Knowledge Base.

Note: Learners must access this email from their supported smartphone device in order to access the appropriate app store.

- Skillport Training Administrator