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Summaries are summaries of leading business books from today's foremost business authors. Summaries expertly encapsulate the salient points and ideas of full-length books into digestible, 8-page summaries. Unlike excerpts or reviews, Summaries skillfully distill the essence of the author's work, conveying content, style and spirit. Designed for ease-of-use with short passages, bulleted lists, and other useful elements, these thorough, yet concise high-level overviews represent cutting-edge ideas that are shaping today's business environment.

When you first access a Summary, the Overview screen displays, presenting an overview of the summaries' contents to help you determine if this summary is right for your learning needs.

Tap Related to view a list of related content items. If none display, then there are no related content items associated with your summary.

Tap Read to read the summary, or tap Listen to listen to an audio version of the summary.

See Books to learn more about reading controls.

See Audio books to learn more about audio controls.



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