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Keyword Search

If you do not know where an asset is located, or if you want to see all available results for a search, you can search the entire Library. By default, results are grouped by asset type.

To search the Library

  1. At the top of the page, enter a word or phrase in the Search box.
  2. If desired, click Select to choose your initial filters.
  3. Click Search.

    The search results page displays, with results grouped by asset type. The top matches of each asset type show on the page.

    Note: To view the results of a single asset type, such as Books or Courses, click View All next to the appropriate asset heading.

  4. To further refine your search, use the search features in the Advanced Search.

Available Actions within the Search Results

Depending on the asset type, different actions are available within each result. Here are some of the most common; note this is not a complete list of possible actions:

  • Details: Opens the asset's details page.
  • Launch: Launches the asset.
  • Download: Downloads the content for offline use.

    Note: Courses download through the SkillSoft Course Manager (SCM). If you do not have SCM installed, a new window opens automatically and you are prompted to install it.

  • Share: Opens the Share dialog box, which displays the direct URL of the asset's Details page, code to embed the link to the asset's Content Details page, and a link to send an email containing the asset's direct URL, ID and title. For more information, see Share an Asset with Others.
  • Save: Opens the Save to My Learning Plan dialog box so you can add the asset directly to your learning plan.
  • Related Topics: A pop-up displays all Library topics related to the asset.
  • Relative Topics: A pop-up displays all the topics within courses that are relevant to the asset.
  • Relevant Sections: Displays the specific sections within the Book that are relevant to the asset.