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Download a Course

Depending on the configuration of your site, you may be able to download books, chapters of books, companion files for books, videos, and courses.

Note: You cannot download assets to a tablet.

To download an asset

  1. Locate the asset that you want to download by:
  2. Click More Actions.

    Note: If viewing from your learning plan, click Details, then click More Actions from the content Details page.

  3. Click Download.
    • When downloading a course, you are prompted to install the SkillSoft Course Manager if you have not already done so.
    • When downloading a video, you are prompted to save the video by selecting a file format and whether to download companion files, if any.

      Note: If your entitlements allow, you may also be able to download book chapters and sections. See Chapters To Go for details.

  4. A Download dialog displays asking you to choose to open or save the file.
  5. Select the desired options and click OK.
  6. Click OK to initiate the download.