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View Your Assignments

There are three kinds of assignments:

  • Self-assigned (on the Personal Learning tab)
  • Manager-assigned (on the Assigned Learning tab)
  • Both self-assigned and manager-assigned, if your site is configured for Development Plan sets (on the Assigned Learning tab).

Note: Any of these assets can be recurring assets, where you are required to repeat training at different intervals. For more information, see Recurring Assets.

To view your assignments

  1. Click View Learning Plan at the top of the page.

    Your learning plan opens.

  2. Click the Personal Learning tab to view the assignments you've assigned to yourself.
    • If you have hidden any assets within an expanded set, the number of hidden assets displays at the bottom of the asset list.
  3. Click the Assigned Learning tab to view the assignments your manager assigned to you.
    • Click Basic to view each asset only once, depending on when the asset is due (overdue assets are listed first, then items with due dates, then items without due dates).
    • Click All to view each asset wherever it may appear in your learning plan. (For example, if you have a course assigned to you, but you also have a Learning Program containing that same course assigned to you, the course would appear in both places.)
    • Expand the General set to view the assets your manager has assigned to you.
    • Expand the Development Plan set to view the assets you and your manager have collaboratively assigned to you.
  4. On the set title bar, click Status or Due to sort the assignments accordingly.