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Learning Plan Tabs

Personal Learning

The Personal Learning tab contains the following:

  • All of the learning assets that you have assigned to yourself for completion
  • Any bookmarks in the Library that you have created

There is a default set (General set) on the Personal Learning tab. Since all assets on this tab must reside in a set, you cannot delete the General set; you can add assets to the General set, or you can create your own sets.

Assigned Learning

The Assigned Learning tab contains the assets that your manager has assigned to you for completion. It contains the following sets:

Top-level Sets

  • General Set: This set contains all of the individual assets that have been assigned to you. This set can also contain subsets if your manager has assigned one or more series of assets to you. Series are automatically updated if the corresponding series in the Library is changed in any way.
  • Development Plan Set: If your site has been configured to support development plans, this set displays and contains the collaborative assets that you and your manager add to it.


  • Evaluations: As soon as you launch an asset that has an associated evaluation, this sub-set is created automatically to contain that evaluation.
  • {Library Category}: Your manager can also assign you a category of assets in the Library for completion. The assets in this type of sub-set are displayed in a non-hierarchical list, under the General Set, and like those in a series set, they are automatically updated if the corresponding category in the Library is modified.