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Community Workflow

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To get started with community, follow this example workflow:

  1. Create a Community profile.

    Creating a community profile isn't necessary to view the recommendations or comments of others, or to view the community's activity stream. It does allow you to actively participate (such as recommend, comment and follow other members).

    Note: If you previously created an inGenius profile via Books24x7 (with earlier versions of Skillport), you do not need to create a new one. That profile displays for you in Skillport.

  2. Explore items of interest to you:
    1. Browsing the Library or use search to locate items of interest and see the number of recommendations and comments made about the items. (Comments display on the right side of an asset's details page.) You can also use search to find comments with specific words or phrases.
    2. If desired, recommend an asset or add a comment about an asset.
  3. Find community members of interest to you:
    1. Search for members with specific words or phrases in their community profiles. Profile Match Found displays in the search results when a term or phrase results in a profile hit.
    2. Follow members.
  4. Click Community Stream at the left side of the page. This displays recent activities within your community, such as:
    • Who has recently joined the community.
    • Who is following another member.
    • Recent content recommendations.
    • Recent comments on content.
    • Content that other community members marked as helpful.

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