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Live Event Viewer

The Live Event viewer is used to view live, broadcast-quality leadership programs through an embedded player. The Live Event viewer provides several benefits, including:

  • Large default viewing area that can also be expanded to full screen.
  • Support for high resolution videos.
  • Twitter hashtag feed.
  • Q&A capabilities.
  • One-click playback.
  • Autodetects and plays the highest quality file for your device and available bandwidth.
  • Support information accessible directly from within the player window.
  • Supports accessibility with high contrast buttons on player.

Note: Certain features of the Live Event viewer are active only during the actual live broadcast and may not be available once the event is complete and available for on demand viewing.

In This Section

Test a Live Event's Streaming

Request Help during a Live Event

View a Live Event

Interact via Twitter

Respond to a Survey