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Add a Learning Event

A learning event is a reference in your learning plan to a learning activity such as a training course or seminar. You can add learning events to the Personal Learning tab. If your site utilizes development plans, you can also add them to the Development Plan set in your assigned learning plan.

Note: If you remove a learning event from the learning plan before you access it (which is a status of Not Started), the learning event does not display in your learner transcript. If you access it, then remove it from your learning plan, the learning event remains in your learning transcript.

To add a learning event to your learning plan

  1. Click View Learning Plan at the top of the page.

    Your learning plan displays.

  2. Click the Personal Learning tab.
  3. Click Add Learning Event in the upper-right corner.
  4. Enter the Title.
  5. Optionally, enter Notes, a Description, and a URL.
  6. Select a Status. By default, Not Started is selected.

    Note: This flags the asset for management reports.

  7. Select the start and end Date.
  8. Optionally, enter the Duration and Cost.
  9. If the learning event must be approved by an approval manager, select Approval Required.
  10. Select one of the following set options:
    • General Set: Saves the learning event to the General set in your learning plan.
    • Development Plan Set: Saves the learning event to your Development Plan (if applicable to your site).
    • Existing Set or New Set: Saves the learning event to a different set within your learning plan. After you select this option:
    1. Click Select. A list of existing sets displays.
    2. If the set already exists, click the name of the set to which you want to add the learning event.
    3. If you want to create a new set for the learning event, enter the New Set name, click Add Set, then click the newly-created set to highlight it.
    4. Click Select. The list of sets closes.
  11. Click Submit.

    The Add a Learning Event dialog box closes and the learning event is saved to your learning plan.

  12. If you selected Approval Required in step 9, the Learning Event Approval Request window displays.
    1. Enter a Note for the Approval Manager describing the reason for the learning event.
    2. If available, select an approval manager to whom to send the email.
    3. Optionally, you can enter an additional email address to whom you can send the request.
    4. Click Send.
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