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Add a Series

A series contains specifically-ordered assets whose order is important for learners. A series can contain assets of different types. It is often used to:

  • Group related assets together (for example, the assets required to obtain a certification).
  • Maintain a specific order when displayed in the Library.

A series itself cannot be completed, but the assets within the series may be completable.

When you add a series from the Library to your learning plan, a set with the title of the series is automatically created.

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To add a series

  1. Browse or search the Library to find the series that you want to add to your learning plan.
  2. Click Save, under the series title. The Add Series dialog box opens.
  3. Optionally:
    • Enter Notes.
    • Select a Due On date.
    • Set up a reminder email using the Remind me options.
    • Select I am required to take this.

      Note: This flags the asset for management reports.

  4. Click Save.

    The Add Series dialog box closes and the series is saved to a new, automatically-created set in your learning plan.

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